Events are a platform for immediate one to one interaction. Nothing beats first hand experience.

The aim is to deliver a well-ordered, technically proficient operation. From concept to delivery or anything in between, events have become a core part of our business. In 2008 we created our own launch event to showcase our talents. This helped us develop and understand our client’s needs. Since then we have worked on some extraordinary events with some extraordinary people.

The wonderful Bompas and Parr take experiential to another level with their unique once in a lifetime experiences and we have had the pleasure of providing our scenic services for these unforgettable occasions. The Complete History Of Food to launch Courvoisier’s new brandy based liquor stretched our imagination to the full.  We designed and built a rooftop herb garden bar, full scale dinosaur for a most memorable dining experience and a medieval ship, daringly set in water, filled with live eels (apparently they bite!).

2012 provided us with an opportunity to work on one of the world’s largest events and showcase for the immense talent in the UK.

London 2012 directed under the gifted eye of Danny Boyle allowed us to really build on our experience of providing services to prestigious events with a global audience.