Brand experiential


You know the importance of having a brand and what it means to your business. Investing the time to showcase what you do is all-important to tell your story.

Telling your story is how we approach the work of giving your brand the star treatment, from simple cut out logos to keeping on message with a tied in theme. It’s how you express yourselves, being memorable and being credible. We bring credibility and impact by focusing on the detail of the experience you want to deliver to your audience.

Tangible, 3 dimensional, experiential, memorable…and believable. Outside the digital world, the focus is on real objects that people can touch and sometimes be touched by.

Our background in theatre aims to bring those experiences to the full. Leaving the audience with a real life experience that resonates positively to your brand.

We’ve helped others in delivering their client’s brand message to their audience. Working in partnership with the Red Rhino design team we have created brand experience pitch environments for Mediacom to wow their client base. Integrating technology into the fabric of the environments we have built.

Our experience of delivering excellence for brand content extends to point of sale retail, events, commercials and exhibitions.