Who are the Storytellers now? A great Xchange!

Who are the Storytellers now? A great Xchange!

In case you missed this inspiring evening at The Lyric, here are some of the highlights…


‘As designers, makers and producers we are the visual storytellers of our age’
Fiona Watt, Honorary Secretary of the Society of British Theatre Designers.


Facilitated by Fiona Watt, speakers Jim Whyte (Trends and Insights Specialist) and Tupac Martir (Creative Director and Founder of Satore Studio) explored the provocation, ‘Who Are the Storytellers Now?’
With a broadening gap between text and experience-based narratives (against a backdrop of emerging technologies), we explored how storytelling impacts on the world of brands, retailers and entertainment.

There is always a human need for storytelling.’

Jim Whyte, Trends Specialist.


Jim Whyte explored how the landscape in which traditional brands have told their stories is being heavily influenced by the digital world. However this presents it’s own challenges- particularly in connecting with and conveying empathy to their audiences. Effective storytelling needs to appeal to all the senses, with human engagement at its core. This is where ‘immersive experience’ now provides the perfect platform for brands and retailers to strengthen the dialogue with their customers. Brands are constantly having to think on their feet to find new ways to engage through effective storytelling, in order to remain relevant.


‘Technology…what’s technology?

 Nothing, unless it’s part of a good story’
Tupac Martir, Creative Director and Founder of Satore Studio.


Tupac Martir questioned how audiences respond to storytelling. We were reassured that no matter how technology may advance, effective storytelling is still all about human connection. Today, Artists create and research fresh ideas by using new technologies, giving us the chance to share our stories to a wider audience. Whilst the presentation tools available to us have evolved vastly, the historical purpose of storytelling to express a shared humanity has and will not change.


‘You are born and then you die – each chapter in between is as individual as the person it explains, and can be told in any order. Every story is entirely different to the next’
Tupac Martir, Creative Director and Founder of Satore Studio.

With audience members from the world of retail and branding, customer experience, theatre, film and television, and including artists, designers, digital specialists, creative agencies, producers, and marketers, we enjoyed a fascinating discussion that raised more questions than conclusions.


Our panel, made up of Jim, Tupac, Danny Lennon (Co-Founder of Footprint), Fiona and Marcus Romer (Creative Director) brought their specialisms and experience to debate inspired questions from the floor. They agreed that we have a responsibility to tell stories in more engaging ways, and that we also need to become better in the way we capture and share our storytelling experiences.



‘We’ve got to make some really good stuff, so future generations have the best resources possible to make further ‘good stuff’ in time.’

Marcus Romer, Director/ Filmmaker/ Speaker.



The conversation continues…



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