What we do



Design is at the heart of what we do: from sketches to fully realised visuals, from complete CAD drawings to 3D printed models.

Creative Director Danny leads the creative team at Footprint. Danny studied art and design specialising in Visual Arts. Site-specific installation and performance art formed the basis of his work. With an individualist approach and working with limited resources Danny produced arresting and thought provoking work. At the heart of Danny’s experience and ethos to design is human connection.

Design’s purpose is to serve people aesthetically, to invite question, provoke thought, to provide memories, to deliver a message or simply to frame a concept. Ultimately design is there to convey an idea from person to person.

Draughting & modelling

We have the latest versions of 2D AutoCAD and 3D AutoCAD, full suite of Adobe software including Photoshop & Illustrator, CNC software for 2D and 3D applications, Google Sketchup and Autodesk software for modelling via our 3D printer the MakerBot Replicator2.

CNC & Laser cutting

CNC routing is an integral part of how we work.Precision, speed and excellent results. From large scale to intricate cutting, CNC technology makes so much more possible.

The CNC utilises CAD technology meaning you will get exactly what you see in the drawing.  Translation from the page to a fully formed thing is made simpler and very accurate.

You can cut and engrave all types of materials – wood, plastic and non – ferrous metal-based sheets.

Laser cutting can provide you with intricate designs on a comprehensive range of small-scale materials and surfaces.

You can repeat a logo perfectly across all scales for maximum brand exposure – cut, etched or embossed on plastic, card or wood.


From simple flat making to beautifully finished turned wooden hat stands for Liberty’s…

Future Cinema asked us to make two 50 metre long, by 7 metre high façades for their ground breaking immersive Back To The Future event. That’s a lot of wood!

The façades had to withstand all our British summer could throw at them as well as be structurally sound as certified by a structural engineer. Using exterior grade ply and a decent coat of Bristol 780 Coating the façades lasted the 8 week run and were repurposed at the end.

At the other end of the scale in wood based products were these skilfully crafted, turned hat stands for Liberty’s Regent Street store. They were made in Sapele and oiled to bring out the wood’s natural beauty.

Our wood workshop is a foundation of all things made.  Using the right type of wood is so important – fire retardant, moisture resistant, hard and soft woods all have different qualities so you need to know what you’re doing with it. We work with craftsmen whose knowledge and experience translates into beautifully finished products.

Using CNC technology means that wood waste is minimised, which means less cost for you and it’s great for the environment too.  Any unusable waste from our wood products is used to heat our paint workshop.

We source FSC grade timber.


Paint and texture are the stars of the show.  It’s the finish that often tells the story.

We work closely with you and provide samples for discussion in order to achieve the perfect result for your project.

For repeat pattern or large scale floor designs we combine CNC technology with traditional scenery painting so your design can be scaled up with 100% accuracy.

Understanding of paint and finishes, and their uses are key to successful finishes.

We can suggest the best way of getting the effect you want.  From vac form to poly-carving and CNC textured effects we will advise you on the layers below the paint to achieve the best finish.


Sometimes metal plays the starring role. We’ve forged and bent metal for many lovely things. For Garsington Opera’s Vert Vert we forged and bent exquisite legs, border and orchestra pit frame finished in gold and verd de gris to compliment the CNC pattern cut floor.
Plasma cut sheet steel was used to make these beautiful Moroccan inspired doors. Designed in-house, they were finished with gold powder, varnish and then aged to a rustic effect. The handles and fittings were also forged in our workshop within keeping of the Moroccan theme.


From the country placard bearer’s waistcoat systems for the London Olympics opening ceremony to giant outdoor cushions for The National Theatre’s summer festival – fabrics and textiles are an integral part of our portfolio. From costume to soft props we offer a full in-house service bringing a raft of experience from our director Agnes and her associates.

Agnes trained in Austria and has worked professionally at the Royal Opera House and at the National Theatre in their respective costume departments. She has also been a costume designer in her own right for theatre, dance, television and film. As if that wasn’t talent enough, Agnes also trained at the London School of Contemporary Dance at The Place. So she knows a thing or two about the demands of performance.

Prop making

Where to begin or end with prop making? Our prop making skills were brought to the fore at the London 2012 opening ceremonies. Working closely with the London 2012 team we proto-typed, made and delivered over 1000 individual props ranging from the country name placards for the Athlete’s Parade, 400 prop books (as read by J K Rowling) and 50 ‘chimney ratchets’ – fully functioning levers and cogs that formed part of the rising chimneys scene.
We’ve made 15:1 scale fibre-glass models of prototype inhalers for Novartis (fully functioning for demonstration purposes), giant tea cups for CBBC, remote controlled ice cream carts, special effect topiary ballet dancers for the BBC and the list goes on and on.

What is clear is that the demand for props and what they do is infinite. We love taking ideas and turning them into reality. From the entertainingly ridiculous (Alan Carr’s World Strongest Man Cars) to the technically intricate (Ratchets).

Project management

Project Management is all about good communication.  Being clear, making sure we meet your expectations, and hopefully exceeding them. Cost analysis, feasibility, giving technical advice, organising the logistics, structural engineering, health and safety documentation, and contractual obligations. We do it all so you don’t have to.

Simple points, like making sure things fits on a back of a truck and through a doorway at the other end can make all the difference for a smooth running operation.

Workshop management and managing the flow of information from drawing to work bench are key to giving the best possible end product.

Your job can be taken on from concept to finished article, all delivered safely, on budget and on time.