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Immerse with Footprint

Experiences that leave a lasting impression. Immersive storytelling is at the heart of engaging an audience at a deeper level, whether that be for brand engagement, theatre performance, museum exhibitions or anything in between.  It’s about leaving a lasting impression when an audience interacts with a brand or product.  Understanding the big picture of what future audiences want from entertainment and experience it’s clear that an increasing exposure to real sensory experiences is up there at the top of the list. Footprint is constantly exploring projects that push experiential boundaries.  Recent work has seen audience connection beyond the traditional – through glass and walls, using touchscreens, motion sensors and conductive paint –  allowing an audience to begin interacting with what’s inside.  The image below shows how we used bare conductive paint to make patterns and designs on a shop window, to create interactive touch buttons which can trigger lighting, sound, AV and even smell within the shop. People love the sense of being in an experiential place, and this involves creating ultra-real sets and props, and total sensory stimulation.  It’s a must for experiential – getting audiences closer to the product, story and brand values.  Combine this with our traditional skills and attention to detail, means that we have one powerful offer, perfect for experiential audiences whether in museum exhibitions, brand activation or entertainment. The project below for Europcar featured Footprint providing a fully working ‘car’ carousel where members of the public could interact, immerse and have fun with the experience, ‘driving’ onboard the carousel, taking photos and engaging with the brand in a memorable way. Physical Digital Our wider design and immersive offer is enhanced by our attention to detail and core services – producing beautiful and simple work. Our core services include CNC & laser cutting, work with wood, metal, fabric, plastic and paint.... read more

As Christmas approaches, check out our best bits!

With Christmas now fast approaching, the Footprint team have taken a brief moment to reflect on a busy year. We’ve been fortunate to work on some fun and very enviable project briefs in 2017 – a few highlights of which we’d like to briefly share with you now. Thank you to all of our clients, colleagues, and collaborators for your continued support. For those new to Footprint reading this, we look forward to meeting you soon, and to us hopefully creating immersive, memorable experiences together in 2018! 2017 has seen Footprint bring to life a healthy mix of Audience Experiences and creative production for global events (along with some very local ones too!), leading theatre stages, film and TV sets, festivals, brands and retailers, offices and homes. Aside from our day to day work we have been delighted to see our Footprint Xchange events and talks programme go from strength to strength (a separate review will follow!), with thanks to your continued support and a fabulous group of speakers. Thank you all. We are also very proud in recent weeks to have secured a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with London Southbank university. This important Government funded initiative has been over 18 months in negotiation, and will see Footprint, the University, and a number of our clients work in partnership to explore exciting developments in integrated physical and digital experience. Watch this (immersive) space…! From our Studio and Workshops we have brought to life a stellar selection of installations; from superbly imaginative briefs from our friends at Merlin Entertainments (including Shrek’s Adventure), exhibition stands at EdExel, to oversized Bus Shelters for the Freee Art Collective... read more

Technical Theatre Developer Position

Are you able to use creativity and imagination to explore what could be achieved when we incorporate multimedia and digital arts technology into physical set and/or prop design?   Are you artistic in your approach to story-telling?   We have a unique and exciting opportunity to work with Footprint Scenery Limited to develop a technology-enabled maker-space which blends display and multimedia technologies with traditional scenery set design. You will work with clients to explore their ideas around creating immersive environments to develop a set of requirements. You will then develop prototypes and evaluate the quality of immersion against these requirements. The ability to translate a client idea into a working/experimental prototype will enable you and Footprint Scenery to exert more creative control during the design and consultation process. This will enable Footprint to develop an immersive design agency as a service to its customers.   The role will challenge you to add value to a client brief by exploring cross media platforms, live event production, creative & digital design, through to production engineering. Supported by a team of academics at London South Bank University (LSBU), you will take the creative lead in determining how and when to embed technology into concepts as you push boundaries in the cross-over between the physical and digital. An appreciation that through trial-and-error will come new understanding will require you to work outside of your comfort zone (problem-solving). This role would suit a recent graduate or young professional with experience of the multimedia and digital arts sector. To apply, please upload a copy of your CV and a cover letter outlining how you meet all the... read more

From Model Box to Stage – A technical Perspective

Footprint Reflects on Prism The summer saw Footprint’s return to Hampstead Theatre, building Tim Shortall’s set for Prism, starring Robert Lindsay and Clare Skinner. Terry Johnson’s witty and poignant play is based on the extraordinary life of Oscar-winning cinematic master Jack Cardiff, who was known as ‘the man who made women look beautiful’. Surrounded by memorabilia from a lifetime of ‘painting with light’,  Jack is to complete writing his autobiography, which becomes ever more difficult as in later life Jack suffered from dementia and would rather live in the past than remember it. Designer Tim Shortall’s set was described by Ann Treneman, writing for The Times as ‘…a thing of wonder with a huge Technicolor photographic backdrop. The garage wall photos come alive and there are some beautifully lit paintings (Cardiff loved lighting in any form, including chiaroscuro)’. Footprint have worked with Tim previously on Max Stafford-Clark’s This May Hurt a Bit, and it was great to collaborate once more. The dream team was completed with Pam Nichol, Production Manager of Prism and Footprint’s Production Manager, Jen Patterson. Jen recalls the intricate, and technically challenging set, with this insightful case study, starting with working drawings which show the upstage wall consisting of a practical garage door and 10 practical TV screens. The wall had to be flown during the performance with the Garage door open and then returning with the garage door shut.     The garage door was the main challenge,  ‘First things first, we had to find an electric garage door that both aesthetically and practically met the brief. The opening scene involved the garage door being opened by the lead actor, stopping at specific points – a particular wish of the Director. Essentially we needed a good looking, made to measure garage door... read more

‘Global Local’ From Peckham to the World…

As part of this year’s Peckham Festival, creative production specialists Footprint hosted the third in a series of talks for 2017 exploring ‘The Value of Design’. In partnership with The Society of British Theatre Designers (SBTD) an audience of creative minds spanning the breadth of the design industry convened at The Copeland Gallery, Peckham to discuss what ‘Global Local’ truly means today.   The evening brought together an eclectic mix of guest speakers in the shape of leading international Urban Artist Remi Rough, and global visitor attraction specialists Merlin Entertainments, Verity Treadwell – Display and Costume Supervisor, and Simon Casey – Senior Show Services Manager. Xchange opened with an enlightening perspective from the Theatre Design and Production sector by Fiona Watt – Honorary Secretary of SBTD. Fiona reminded us that the symbiotic relationship between ideation and production is as imperative today as ever before, no matter whether working domestically or on global projects. Fiona explained that for SBTD members the true commercial value of their work is still misjudged – particularly when we consider the wider influence design can have on business decision making; “We must recognise design as driving the quest and posing the questions, arguments, threats, and resolutions needed as catalysts to positive commercial change..”  Fiona Watt, SBTD Remi, Simon and Verity then shared stories behind and insights in to their work, along with the challenges and influences that come from working both ‘Home’ and ‘Away’. This was followed by an engaging panel discussion (facilitated by Fiona), where ‘Global Local’ was unpacked in more detail, along with inspired questions from the floor. Whether playfully incorporating the regimented windows... read more

From Peckham to the World!

This evening sees the third in the 2017 series of Xchanges exploring and debating The Value of Design all of which have taken place in partnership with the Society of British Theatre Designers. Tonight we will explore the topic of Global Local, with local Peckham muralist and gallery artist, Remi Rough, and Merlin Entertainments, Europes largest entertainment company. Walk along the arches below Queens Road Peckham station, and amongst an eclectic mix of creative businesses you will find immersive production specialists Footprint. Established over 13 years ago, Co-founders (a Husband and Wife team) Danny and Agnes Lennon have built a fiercely ‘local’ company with a genuine global reach. Their team of skilled designers, craftspeople and technologists work with leading theatre, film, and TV companies and producers, creative agencies and designers, and a growing number of brands and retailers to bring bold, unique ideas to life. Over the years Footprint have seen many changes, not just in Peckham but in the creative sectors they work in.  “Every day brings new creative challenges and technical opportunities for the business. We are now are really able to deliver brilliant ideas in the way they should be”, Danny excitedly tells us. Footprint’s clients include the National Theatre, BBC, ITV, Secret Cinema, Merlin Entertainments, Liberty, and Baku international Islamic Games – each project building on Danny and the team’s experience and foundation in film and TV set production, and a huge opportunity that came with working on the London 2012 Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Footprint these days has a genuine global reach, and featured on a recent Netflix series, alongside international stage designer Es... read more

Footprint Xchange, Left Brain, Right Brain

Footprint Xchange, Left Brain, Right Brain. Highlights of another fabulous Xchange.   Footprint Xchange is series of enriching events exploring future thinking within innovative design and technology.   Design is at the centre of our lives…but is its true value recognised? Throughout 2017 Footprint Xchange is exploring and debating these provocations across a series of events. Partnering with leading thinkers from the world of advertising, theatre, immersive technology, retail and branding, Footprint Xchange is at the forefront of the debate. Great News for Design   “Left brain thinkers, tend to be logical and analytical, compared with right brain thinkers who use their imagination to inspire their creativity.” Stephen Miller, Design Council. With Design as one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK, we need to ensure that the design process is properly recognised. Stephen Miller of the Design Council explained that although creativity and imagination drive design, its intrinsic value is often lost in a ‘Left Brain Economy’. He says, “Like ‘dark matter’, design, and the processes that support it can be invisible, but we know it’s there, it’s fundamental importance, and the impact it has.” Whilst it was acknowledged that many creative professions are currently not accurately categorised or fully understood by wider society, it is predicted that by 2020 businesses will be looking for employees who show 3 main skill characteristics, these being; Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, and Creativity, these being fundamental components of the creative professions we all work within. Stephen suggested that society will look to Designers and the creative industry as a whole to develop this sought after skillset. Stephen Miller, Design Council A closer look at ‘the dark... read more

The Value of Design, Jim Rokos

This guest blog article has been written by Multi-Award Winning Designer Jim Rokos. Footprint are in collaboration with Jim who will be speaking at our next Footprint Xchange event on 20th June at the Lyric Studios, Hammersmith. Make sure you reserve your space for this fantastic free event. Dyslexic Design was an exhibition curated by industrial designer Jim Rokos, which explored the connection between dyslexia and the creative industries. The project celebrated dyslexic designers’ work during the London Design Festival last year. Jim is passionate about challenging perceptions of dyslexia by accentuating its positive effects and close association with design.   Hunter Jacket: Gorilla – Rohan Chhabra An egg shaped wine decanter, a jacket that can take on the form of a gorilla, hand stitched illustrations that must be drawn backwards… These objects are designed by people with dyslexia. They are all among the treasures that were featured in a micro-exhibition that I curated last year at the London trade show designjunction, during the London Design Festival: Dyslexic Design illustrates that people with dyslexia aren’t suffering from a so-called learning disability. Instead, because their minds process information differently to most of us, their work is enriched, and possesses each designer’s own idiosyncratic style. It all began after the Christmas of 2015. I was driving back from seeing my cousins in Yorkshire. I tuned into LBC, a London-based national talk and phone-in radio station, which had invited listeners to call in and share personal stories about dyslexia. I was excited to hear what people would say, as I am dyslexic and had not heard much about it in the... read more

Footprint at the VM & Display Show

Footprint ‘Purveyor of Fine Retail Experiences’ We invite you to visit our immersive ‘One Stop Shop’ at the VM and Display Show, 5th-6th April 2017 at stand number H3/4 at the Business Design Centre in North London. Footprint are Designers and Makers based in South East London, who bring retail storytelling to life by curating immersive environments that can captivate and engage audiences in all sectors.     It’s an Edwardian ‘One Stop Shop’. In a theatrical twist that blends traditional high street values with tomorrow’s technology, Footprint has designed and built an Edwardian experience that places traditional values right next to cutting edge technological innovation.  The One Stop Shop means that Footprint has it all covered, curating the whole production under one roof – design, technical integration, production management and last but not least, top quality build and finish.     The Best of the Old with the Best of the New. Keeping the best of the old with the best of the new is all about putting the customer first as the retail landscape evolves around us. Footprint’s One Stop Shop presents up to the minute innovation, intertwined within a beautiful window display and in-store aesthetics of an Edwardian shop. You will see the latest technology working in the setting of traditional customer values, including Crystal Display Systems Ltd screen and Bare Conductive Electronics, creating a mesmerising experience that will surprise the senses.     Great Storytelling; Holding the Attention of a Restless Audience Footprint gets to the heart of the fine retail experience with great story telling which creates emotional and memorable connection. Footprint leads by... read more

Who are the Storytellers now? A great Xchange!

In case you missed this inspiring evening at The Lyric, here are some of the highlights…   ‘As designers, makers and producers we are the visual storytellers of our age’ Fiona Watt, Honorary Secretary of the Society of British Theatre Designers.   Facilitated by Fiona Watt, speakers Jim Whyte (Trends and Insights Specialist) and Tupac Martir (Creative Director and Founder of Satore Studio) explored the provocation, ‘Who Are the Storytellers Now?’ With a broadening gap between text and experience-based narratives (against a backdrop of emerging technologies), we explored how storytelling impacts on the world of brands, retailers and entertainment. ‘There is always a human need for storytelling.’ Jim Whyte, Trends Specialist.   Jim Whyte explored how the landscape in which traditional brands have told their stories is being heavily influenced by the digital world. However this presents it’s own challenges- particularly in connecting with and conveying empathy to their audiences. Effective storytelling needs to appeal to all the senses, with human engagement at its core. This is where ‘immersive experience’ now provides the perfect platform for brands and retailers to strengthen the dialogue with their customers. Brands are constantly having to think on their feet to find new ways to engage through effective storytelling, in order to remain relevant.   ‘Technology…what’s technology?  Nothing, unless it’s part of a good story’ Tupac Martir, Creative Director and Founder of Satore Studio.   Tupac Martir questioned how audiences respond to storytelling. We were reassured that no matter how technology may advance, effective storytelling is still all about human connection. Today, Artists create and research fresh ideas by using new technologies, giving us the chance to share our stories to a... read more