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2017 Footprint Xchange Series


“It was great being part of such a dynamic and interesting group. To be able to discuss how we make connections through design with an audience is something that I am very proud to be part of. It is awesome to have spaces in which the knowledge and experience of everyone can be explored.”

Tupac Martir

Creative Director and founder, Satore Studios

The Value of Design

Design is in everything. Is its value recognised?

In 2017 Footprint Xchange is exploring and debating these provocations across a series of three facilitated events. Partnering with leading thinkers from the world of advertising, theatre, immersive, branding and retail, with the Society of British Theatre Designers puts Footprint Xchange at the forefront of the debate.

June saw Xchange return to the Lyric, Hammersmith to explore Left Brain, Right Brain, an event to ensure the recognition of design, and the unique way that designers work.  We were delighted to host design luminaries including Pippa Nissen, Jim Rokos and Ab Rogers, alongside Stephen Miller from Design council putting it all in economic perspective.

“ I thought the event was brilliant, it was so interesting and definitely got my creative juices flowing. Thank you for holding such a great event. I look forward to coming to see another.”

Verity Treadwell

Merlin Entertainments, Attendee

The 2017 series had already got off to a great start, when in March we explored Who are the Storytellers Now. With attendees from the worlds of retail, theatre, design and events we heard from leading experts in the field including Jim Whyte, Tupac Martir and Marcus Romer. We looked at the role of Design and how and why it communicates with an audience.

“Footprint have extended themselves into a progressive world of possibilities. One where we question the identity and importance of the designer and artist.”

Ed Turner

Production Designer, Attendee

Exchange Ideas. Share Opinions. Create Opportunities.


Footprint Xchange is series of enriching events exploring future thinking within innovative design and technology.
With carefully selected keynote speakers and discussion themes, and an audience from a broad stretch of sectors, our events are a platform to immerse, share, and debate the latest innovations, challenges, and opportunities for the creative industry.

Curated by Footprint, a production business at the heart of multidisciplinary design, Footprint Xchange is an informal arena to meet and engage with fellow professionals that will impact your world, with discussions often leading to new, exciting collaborations and projects.

Footprint Xchange is free to all attendees. Register with us today to secure your place at our next event!

Attendees this is a great opportunity to get to know the players in the industry.

Speakers Footprint Xchange is a platform to establish and consolidate brands on stage. We are currently considering future speakers.

Partners Footprint Xchange offers a platform to lead the thinking at the heart of your worlds.

“Speaking at Footprint Xchange was a great opportunity to get in front of a diverse group of professionals seeking insights and discussion around the impact of new technologies on business and our lives. A supportive, well-informed and organised team made it a pleasure, and I’m looking forward to coming as an attendee to their next event.” Amelia Kallman

Head of Innovation, Engageworks

If you are interested in partnership or would like to speak at a future event please get in touch!

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Recent Speakers


“All I had to do was turn up, all of the organisation was taken care of. As a speaker, not worrying about any admin lets me concentrate fully on the subject of my talk.” Speaker Tom Watts

Director of Photography

Ab Rogers

Ab Rogers

Director Ab Rogers Design and Co-founder Dyslexic Design

Amelia Kallman


Head of Innovation,
Engage Works


Fiona Watt

Honorary Secretary, The Society of British Theatre Designers

Jim Rokos

Jim Rokos

Director ROKOS and Co-founder Dyslexic Design

Jim Whyte

Trend Specialist

linkedinJim Whyte

Matt Green


Commercial Director,
Broadsword Production Group


Pippa Nissen

Pippa Nissen

Director Nissen Richards Studio

Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller

Head of Research, Design Council

Tom Watts


Director of Photography

linkedinTom Watts

Tupac Martir

Creative Director and Founder,
Satore Studio
linkedinTupac Martir