Footprint Xchange presents

Footprint Xchange presents

Another great evening of talk and debate from Footprint Xchange!

Footprint Xchange is rapidly becoming a major debate forum for the theatre, events, experiential branding and commercial sectors.

If you missed it…here are the highlights of our most recent Xchange on 360 degree filming and the virtual world.

Footprint Xchange

We were delighted to partner with Amelia Kallman of Engage Works, and Tom Watt, Director of Photography, at Camberwell Studios where we were joined by a brilliant audience from the world of theatre, film, museums, events and digital production.
It’s clear that what people want is an increasing exposure to experience – virtual or augmented – whether it’s using 360 degree filming to tease our senses, or wearing VR headsets for a more complete sensory simulation.

Tom spoke about the challenges to 360 filming – giving us an insight into lighting and adapting traditional skills to the new technology. Amelia explored the physical and mental impact of VR. The discussion that followed was fascinating – we even touched on how these new technologies can enhance empathy even as far as to stepping into the ‘paws’ of animals – or being Beyonce for a day. But is there a payback in a world where the rate of progress is outstripping regulation?

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The Q&A session opened up even more topics and the conversation could have gone on and on. We are hoping to continue with a similar event coming soon.
We would like to thank The Broadsword Production Group for their event expertise and equipment.

Footprint Xchange is a mechanism where we are always on the lookout for interesting and engaging speakers to partner with – to explore the impact of new technologies on events, brands, theatre, film and experiential sectors.

If you have a subject you think would be suitable for Footprint xchange then please do get in touch with

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(All photos taken by Andy Woodruff, Camberwell Studios)
Back to the real sawdust! We at Footprint are keeping our traditional skills updated, and adapt to new technologies whether it’s immersive AR or 360 immersive worlds.

So get in touch with your project – virtual, immersive, experiential or traditional!


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